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Whispers of Fashion – A Global Affair, at U Sathorn

Whispers of Fashion – A Global Affair, at U Sathorn

I have to thank my two momentous outfits I wore on the night provided by designer, Martha Fadel whom I invited as a VIP guest to represent, Be A Starlette.  

After a sip of champagne in a scene set up like a French garden, guests were ushered inside the venue for an exquisite sit down dinner prepared by Jean Michel Lorain, Michelin star chef of J’aime. The magical celebration brought together a host of people which was a burst of Thailand’s multicultural scene. 

The theme of the night was hosted by fashion icons across the globe including France, Lebanon, Paris, and Thailand. Be A Starlette played a paramount role as one of the main organizers.  Talar invited a number of up and coming fashion designers who showcased their work on a runway platform. In collaboration with Be A Starlette, was  Armelle, founder of Roseroseparisbangkok and Alyx, event coordinator, CEO WFP.

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Music, holograms, a live saxophonist and violinist seduced the atmosphere as models stealthily walked across a runway, displaying some beautiful pieces of fashion. The fashion show was anything but ‘ordinary.’  Models danced on the runway to beats of music from a variety of eras as the DJ edited a superb mix of eclectic melodies from different ages. The stage was decorated with a white box enhanced with flowing material to create shadows and silhouettes as the models sashayed down the runway. Every guest left the party with a gift bag containing candles, a booklet, and a pocket book agenda that was signed by the Whispers of Fashion Team.

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