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Talar ‘wow’s with her Knowledge of Fashion

Talar ‘wow’s with her Knowledge of Fashion

Talar Artinian Be A Starlette

I started the week with a positive and reassuring editorial vibe. My own personally and proudly written in-depth coverage of the fashion industry’s latest news, newest collections, designer inspirations, styles and bottom line my fashion editorial, has been published in Expat Magazine Thailand.

Talar Artinian

For me, fashion is part of my daily life and of course as you would probably guess for us women, fashion is not only the clothing we put on but it somehow reflects our moods, our personalities, our longing and in a strict sense of fashion, loyalty towards a certain designer or brand. Right?

Fashion is also diversely perceived. People observe fashion from different perspectives. So fashion, like all creative fields is subjective to personal tastes and interpretations.

Fashion for me means something very important. It’s as I say, more of a reflection of who I am and how I feel. I’m happy to let my readers know that I have been a regular Fashion Editor and contributor to the Expat Life Magazine Thailand (added the IG link) – and have been writing for the magazine for the past two years.

This has been an inviting practice for me as I have written about something I love and am passionate about, in the meantime honed my personal writing skills… To sum up this good vibe, I share here the Issuu online publication of Expat Life Magazine’s August / September 2019 issue. Go to page 184 to 187 and Ta Taaaa!

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Enjoy the read!
Thanks to @expatlife_th for consenting with me to share my passion and articles with all loving people in Thailand.

Thanks again & much love,
Talar Artinian
Be A Starlette

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