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Positive Start To Your Week

Positive Start To Your Week

Talar Be A Starlette Positive Start

Happy start of the week to all strong and empowered women.

You must be completely in love with the woman you are becoming. You know how much you’re worth, you’ve managed to overcome big obstacles, you’re motivated and ready to make great things happen to you.

Let’s all get out this week and do something creative, something empowering something productive. Yes, that tea this morning in bed was excellent! 😊

It’s important to know that your motivation and energy are dual-sided. If you are on the negative adjacent, you will feel powerless. But this is entirely up to you to gather your strengths and flip the energy level to feed your motivation, inspiration, and positivity, and that’s when good things start happening, actions are made, happier, more fulfilling surroundings are created.

Of course, no matter how determined you are, it is only natural that sometimes unexpected obstacles may come up and throw your plan off track. Perseverance is the name of the game here. It is important to realize that every challenge which is overcome, is a boost to your abilities and your confidence. “Yes, I Can” is the right attitude.

This is also valid in real-life micro-moments… whether it’s a work-related plan this week which you would like to accomplish at the office or even a plan to organize a nice social event, you need to persist and stay focus to make it happen. See the end picture of success.

Stay motivated! Have a great week.

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Thanks again & much love,

Talar Artinian

Be A Starlette
Bangkok, Thailand

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