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OMG! Paris Fashion Week.

OMG! Paris Fashion Week.

OMG! Paris Fashion Week.

Paris. 2020. Fashion week!  OMG, can I tell you how ecstatic I was to be there!  The aftermath of the show and the celebrations has left me longing for something more in my own wardrobe.  I have to tell you, that it was absolutely freezing when I arrived, and I actually couldn’t feel a thing.  Yes, I was numb with excitement, not from the weather, and I even paraded around with no jacket on.  I felt like I was in my true space.  The weather, the ambiance, the people and the clothes was the first time in many years I have felt in my element. The buzz around the whole city is truly indescribable. People from all over the world were there that week and it felt like a global community of artists and fashionsitas, and I am so grateful I was part of this.

My three favorite designers all hail from Lebanon and each of them brought a mystical and elegant flair to the runway. Each designer, precise in their execution and themes. My three favorite designers all hail from Lebanon and each of them brought a mystical and elegant flair to the runway.  Each designer, precise in their execution and themes.

Ziad Nakad

Ziad Nakad, Lebanese designer who has dressed icons over the years, describes his ultimate client: “the Ziad Nakad woman is fresh strong, sensual and positive.  When she enters a room, she spreads positive vibes and has a clear vision.” His pieces, flow with absolute sensuality and elegance.  This season, he touched on my favorite character, which is the mermaid. Yes!  I did feel like jumping onto the runway and being part of his show.  Fashion TV (FT) interviewed me about his design and I was alongside Tamara Al Gabbani one of the biggest fashion influencers in Lebanon.  Standing amongst these powerhouses made me feel confident, and of course sexy – like a mermaid- that day.  I was honored to be interviewed.  Just look at my smile, don’t I look like I’m having the time of my life?

Nicholas Jebran

I was seated in the front row of Jebran’s show, and I felt like I was one degree of separation from Hollywood.  He just dressed Priyanka Chopra for the Grammy’s this year in January. Wow!  And I was right there, in real time watching him flaunt his absolutely stunning collection.  Jebran’s edgy and super sexy style reminded me of Versace’s couture collection from the 90’s.  Think Sex and the City, with a new age twist.

Zuhair Murad

I have to say he is one of my favorite designers on the planet.  His style is sleek, sensual and always full of “logical drama.” What do I mean when I say this? His clothes look like pieces of art, and are wearable.  So many fashion designers create clothing that looks good, but uncomfortable to maneuver in.  Not Murad, he is flawless in his execution of art, and very clear on the themes he portrays.  His collection this season for Paris Fashion Week was “Egypt.”  And yes, once again I was swept away by the magic he brought to the stage.  Celebrities from around the world joined me as whispers of encouragement and praise left our mouths as each model elegantly showcased his collections from ancient times.  Every piece had its own unique story, and this mesmerized me for days after the show.

It was truly an experience of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to visit this magical city again soon. Stay tuned for more information about Paris Fashion Week, which will be published in EXPAT LIFE.

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