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Adoring Miss World Armenia 2019

Adoring Miss World Armenia 2019

I was glad to be a contributing jury member at the Miss World Armenia 2019 pageant and had my fair share in the decision making the process as a panelist alongside famed Armenian celebrities, TV hosts, influencers, designers and public personalities.

Likewise, it was rewarding to be surrounded by beautiful, intelligent and talented girls! Among different activities, we looked for and rewarded the girls’ aptitude, knowledge, and personality. This high profile event was, of course, broadcasted live on Armenia TV

The participants were assessed based on their external and inner beauty of course, as well as important attention was paid on the participants’ self-discipline, emotional preparedness, cultural apprehension, and intellectual disposition.

I was also delighted to note that the beautiful girls demonstrated self-confidence and at the same time aired the ability to overcome their fears and shortcomings. Beauty, as my dear friend Elizabeth Romhild, would concur, is not only a static virtue but a set of constant and developing set of personal qualities and traits. ️

The most vital and effective quality I also noticed was the girls who felt comfortable in their own skin and really showed the ease with themselves, were able to beam their natural beauty and their uninhibited personality and flair with uplifting success.

I also managed to pull-of a 😉 self-deserved, photoshoot on the sidelines of the event, wearing my beloved Lebanese designer Ziad Nakad’s gorgeous dress alongside my favorite jewelry brand Sartoro.

I would also like to thank Albert Harutyunyan for the wonderful photography and professional work.

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Lastly, not merely enough though, I am always thankful to Armenia and my beautiful Armenian friends, the fantastic Miss Armenia organizing team for making this trip as memorable as it could be, one to remember and cherish for many years to come.

Thanks again & much love,

Talar Artinian
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