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Me as a Mermaid

Me as a Mermaid

As a child, I always wanted to be a mermaid especially after watching the famous Disney stories and reading Ariel’s story from The Little Mermaid.  Today, when I watch the Netflix series on mermaids, with my kids, I sit with them and dream about how beautifully the cartoons can inspire their viewers.  I always wished that it would be me, and transforming into a mermaid could be real.

At the end of November, a mommy, at my kids’ school approached me asking if I wanted to do a mermaid shoot! Without thinking, I just said sure! Thinking that it’s just another photoshoot where I need to dress up as a mermaid and do a quick photoshoot over and under the water, thinking that the whole process would last around an hour or two. So why not, right?  I even wore waterproof makeup, so I would look good under water.

On the day, when I got into my car, the GPS showed me the location, which was an hour away from Bangkok! When I arrived at the place, there were big pools with a PADI (diving) office.  This was going to be more challenging than I thought.

The instructor arrived and said that none of us could start the photoshoot until we learnt all the steps and passed a test.  I started to worry, thinking, “what have I put myself through.”

Now, has anyone ever told you that the women who do this for a living; for movies, photoshoots, commercials and advertising, have to be extremely fit. I put on the fin and was then coached by the instructor how to move my feet, so the tail would have power while I was swimming.  Plus, I practiced for a bit and then got into the water. 

I recommend for everyone to try this.  It is mystical, ethereal, and something quite indescribable. Seeing the pictures from the photoshoot that day, made me feel like I had certainly lived my mermaid dream.

My fantasy bubble started to fade, when I realized that the only way to move was to use my core muscles. Thank God for Erica, my personal trainer.  You can find out more about my exercise and fitness regime with Erica in the Life Style section of my blog.  Stay tuned, we want to show you how we can all be like mermaids!

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