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Work Hard, Believe In Yourself & Be Consistent

Work Hard, Believe In Yourself & Be Consistent

Talar Artinian Be A Starlette

Here’s a wish for a happy start to your weeks!
You are real, you are beautiful and that’s plenty. Be confident!

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Gemma Zarina

Gema Zarina is a model, actress, journalist, and blogger.

Gema Zarina was born in Venezuela. Her sortie into show business begun with her role in the teen series “Mas Alla Del Amor”, the first romantic novel made in Venezuela.

As Miss Teen Model Venezuela, Gemma has worked internationally in fashion shows and national campaigns. In Bangkok, Gemma has been selected to model for Nike and she has been the face of several luxury brands.

In fashion, Gemma has modeled for recognized brands like Cavalli, Marni, Donna Karan, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren and Moschino.
On her personal innuendos, Gemma has created a program called “Beauty Perception” to inspire the people to follow their dreams. The formula for success is believing in yourself, being consistent, dedicated and working hard.

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Let nothing define us.
Let nothing hold us.
Let freedom be our own substance

Thanks again & much love,

Talar Artinian
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