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Elegant Looks In My Fashion Editorial In Expat Life

Elegant Looks In My Fashion Editorial In Expat Life

Talar Artinian Expat Life Magazine

Autumn / Winter 2019 Season is already here. As part of my and Be A Starlette’s ongoing collaboration with Expat Life Magazine, I have done my full seasonal review of what’s new and recommended in terms of colors, fabric, glasses, accessories, what’s interestingly in or out, and the basic “necessities” 😉 for your yearning closet. Discover what’s bubbling in the world of fashion and get in touch, as I share all my thoughts and tips on how to create your own fashionable style this season.

As fashion-conscious ladies, it’s very healthy to stay up-to-date with what’s trending and what new ideas are there to know. This is also a period when most credible fashion authorities express their views about fashion trends. The media in Paris, London Milan also published regularly interviews with fashion designers and fashion experts.

“Dressing elegant, relaxed and comfortable in the same time is possible. Feeling free, more natural and leaving aside the conventional when dressing, it’s also possible”

Talar Artinian – Expat Life Magazine Oct/Nov 2019

I’m personally super excited for the Fall / Winter 2019 season, there’s so much to be discovered.
Here a link to my October / November 2019 Fashion Editorial In Expat Life!

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