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Exercise – The Chance for Metamorphosis

Exercise – The Chance for Metamorphosis

When people ask me how I keep my body in shape, the answer is very simple. I exercise.  Four times a week, I hit the gym and focus on my goals for the upcoming month.  Do I like exercise?  The honest answer is, no, not at all!  I actually dread going to the gym and on some mornings I have to force myself there in order to maintain the body I want.

For some people, exercise is a part of their DNA and they love going to the gym to socialize, look good and be amongst a group of like minded people.  Not me.  Exercise is something I know I have to do in order to stay in shape.  I have resolved to the fact that I treat my exercise regime as a daily habit like brushing my teeth and or taking a shower.  If I don’t see it like this, I know I will find excuses not to go.

When I had my first baby, believe it or not, I gained 27 kilograms.  I looked hefty.  I would stare in the mirror everyday and wonder who I was, I would constantly ask myself, “Talar where have you gone?” I didn’t want to turn into a woman who didn’t look or feel her age.  I made it my resolution to get my body back, and with each pregnancy after that, I looked after my body much more diligently through diet, lifestyle, exercise and my food intake.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone, because I needed the motivation to get started as well as have the gumption and courage to get up and go to the gym everyday.  I hired a personal trainer who has been in my life for eight years now.  Her name is Erica Rodriguez and she hails from the beautiful continent of Brazil.  She is a powerhouse and a woman I admire deeply.  A Zumba and Pilates instructor and personal trainer for twelve years, Erica has been my fitness guru until this day.  My life would not be the same without her.  

Erica makes sure that my daily exercise regime is different all the time.  She helps me with strength training, functional conditioning training, hit intensity, interval training, weight training with the objective to build muscle and lose fat.

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I truly believe that having a personal trainer provides motivation, courage and ultimately confidence.  Exercise absolutely gives me a complete body, mind and soul workout and cleanse which gets me through my day and week.

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” Jim Rohn

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