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“Be A Starlette Teams up with NY Based Photographer, Cameron Julie for an Afternoon of Bonding, Through the Lens of Transformation”

“Be A Starlette Teams up with NY Based Photographer, Cameron Julie for an Afternoon of Bonding, Through the Lens of Transformation”

Hi! Let me tell you about empowerment through photography. I need to tell you about some fascinating women, who participated in a photo shoot with me on November 25th, 2019. th.

Cameron Julie, is not only a good friend, but she is a powerhouse when it comes to her photography. She takes pictures of her clients through a vintage lens. She is absolutely amazing. One afternoon, we decided to take a stroll down one of Bangkok’s busiest streets. We took candid shots with people and I felt like Monica Bellucci wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress and Louboutin heels. You should have seen the faces of the people on the street. It was priceless! Cameron’s spontaneity and ability to see the story within a picture is mesmerizing, that is why I wanted her to be part of our event on November 25th.

3 women of different nationalities, culture, background and body type attended the event and we definitely had a blast that day. When they arrived, we sat down for a coffee and I asked them about their preferences for their style. A professional hair and makeup stylist was on scene to help me recreate fashion for these women, that day. In essence, my role is to style these women, to enhance a unique side of them. I love seeing their facial expressions when they look at the shot and not only see, but feel a certain transformation

This photoshoot was something that I wanted to do to highlight to these women, and people reading my blog, that a photoshoot is not just for celebrities. Every woman should engage in at least 2 photoshoots a year. I believe that when we dress up, we automatically feel better.

Testimonials for November 25th Photoshoot.

“I love Talar for her energy and talent. Talar is always composed and organized when she is in a team setting. I trust that when I’m working with Talar, it is always going to be great.

Gema Zarina, Venezuelan, New York based model

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Talar added her touch of magic by selecting two incredible outfits. And Cameron, with her beautiful smile, tried to make me feel le ss awkward in front of her camera.
I wish I could pose with the same ease that Talar emulates in all her pictures but that is destined to remain a pious dream. Thanks to Talar’s and Cameron’s professionalism, the results will be great.”

Anna Lucic – Business Woman

“Contact Cameron, for more information:”  
Instagram: @cameronjohnson1899

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