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Armenia Here I Come

Armenia Here I Come

Talar Artinian Travel To Armenia

My reaction to knowing that there is only one week left before packing up to travel to #Armenia. BTW Expressing yourself with “happiness gestures” is always good for your soul! So, who’s joining us in this adventure?

Travel To Armenia

Armenia is my motherland. It’s the country where most Armenians feel at home even though they may be born and raised as a Lebanese Armenian (like me), or as French Armenian, American Armenian, Russian Armenian, Greek Armenian, Canadian Armenian or Australian Armenian. We Armenians, as you can now guess, have a very big diaspora which is almost 2.5 times the size of the population of Armenia.

“You always go back to the places where you loved life️”.

Me Me Me

As information for all visitors and tourists alike, Armenia offers fascinating discoveries with its ancient culture, history, ethnic cuisine, and folkloric music.

Be A Starlette

An extremely tourist-friendly country with heartful, warm, curious and hospitable people.

Visiting Armenia is also soft on your budget limitations. It’s one of those countries where you can do far more, with far less money. Armenia generally is not a materialistic country but leans more towards traditional values such as history, ethnic traditions, landscape, geotourism, culture, people to people relations and knowledge values. Daily travel expenses, dining, excursion, and accommodation are fair priced and affordable.

Though it’s not on many people’s visit lists, it is gradually becoming a popular alternative choice for eco and sustainable tourism too.

There’s a mystique about Armenia which makes it such a joy for me to visit. The friends, the closeness, the dining, the city, the countryside, the music, and the social life.

Thanks again, cheers again & much love,

Talar Artinian,
Be A Starlette

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